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We roast your coffee to order. Orders placed by 11:59pm PST Monday-Thursday will be shipped out by the second business day.

Orders placed Friday-Sunday will ship by the following Tuesday.

All coffees sold in
12 OZ (340g) bags.
All prices CAD.
All coffee Certified Organic

Shipping FAQ

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Hario V60 Server

The V60 range server is made of heat resistant glass and is perfect for by the cup brewing. The Hario V60 dripper fits directly on top of server the during the brewing cycle. It is fitted with a silicone surrounded glass lid which helps to hold temperature while enjoying your cup.



You save $4.51 (10%)!

Some things in life are best enjoyed enjoyed slowly, completely, fully. The journey is the destination. Pour-over coffee brewing is a hands-on, analog approach coffee. Savour a delicious single cup of coffee with Hario pour-over coffee brewers.

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