Ever Wonder What a Coffee Cherry Tastes Like?

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This past week we had a chance to try cascara: A tea-like infusion that can be made from the dried husks of coffee cherries.


Looks-wise it resembled the fallen fruit you’d see if you visited a local cherry orchard here in Kelowna. But never jusdge a book by it’s cover. This coffee-tea reminded us a lot like Rooibos tea (with the caffeine). It had a pleasant syrupy and strawberry aroma with a mild body and pleasant finish. It got the staff talking about what coffee cherries actually taste like, since not all of us have been lucky enough to visit a coffee farm, and there aren’t any coffee tree’s in the Okanagan. Luckily we came across a great read in Serious Eat’s that describes the experience:

It’s easy to forget that coffee comes from a fruit, since hardly anybody outside of coffee-producing countries ever gets to see the stuff ripening in its natural state. Counter Culture’s Erin Meister had the opportunity to chomp on a few of these little beauties while visiting coffee farms in Nicaragua.

Read the story here.

Brew School – A Taste of Africa

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Join as we sample some amazing African coffee’s including Ethiopia, Kenya and a special release of our new offering: Uganda Bukonzo. This public coffee tasting will take place 3PM on Friday March 15, 2013 in our lab at 1404 Hunter Court, Kelowna BC. We will compare Chemex brewed coffee with paper vs Kone filters as well as a demo of the Aeropress. As always attendee’s will be eligible for special discounts and a behind the scenes tour of the roastery so you can see how your coffee is roasted. RSVP at brewschool@cherryhillcoffee.com early to secure a spot as classes fill up quickly.

New Offering: Bolivia Celccar, Caranavi Yungas

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Cherry Hill Coffee unveiled this new crop of organic Bolivian coffee at our last Brew School event in Kelowna, and it went over extremely well with the group. We’ve kept the roast profile on the lighter side to show off it’s great woodsy, spice aroma (think typical Sumatra’s) with a really balanced, almost juicy taste profile. It’s now available online for $16.80/lb.

Region: Caranavi, Yungas
Co-op/Farm: CELCCAR Co-op
Varietal: Criolla, Caturra & Typica
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1200-1600m
Roast Level: Light

Flavour Profile: Nutmeg • Coconut • Pineberry

CELCCAR (Central Local Agricultural Cooperatives Caranavi) is a coffee co-op founded in 1965 in Caranavi, a small village in the tropical region of Los Yungas, Bolivia. CELCCAR is made up of 318 small-scale coffee farmers spread over the region of Caranavi.

Caranavi Yungas is a sub-tropical humid region, characterized by the abundance of high mountains which are covered by lush tropical vegetation with a rich soil and a climate that gives the coffee its special features.

Coffee is grown at 1,200-1, 600m and produces a cup that is well balanced, clean, and floral with a pineberry sweet, earthy nutmeg aroma, and coconut elements as well.

CELCCAR’s mission is to provide training and technical assistance for production and processing of coffee, citrus, bananas, stevia and other crops. As a cooperative, self-managing in finance and implementing projects in a professional manner without losing the essence of solidarity.

CELCCAR has always provided services to its member cooperatives, both economically and socially. The activities currently being made to partners are:
Support: to improve each component of the production process to achieve a high standard of quality.
Technical training and knowledge transfer: allows members to improving coffee quality and increase productivity.

The quality of the coffee produced is shown, having become a semifinalist in the competition “Cup of Excellence” for two consecutive years.

Central America does battle with coffee fungus

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Costa Rica Coffee Harvest Down 10%

Mother Nature has dealt Central America a lousy hand. Earthquakes, floods and hurricanes of biblical proportions have battered the isthmus over the years, but the latest natural disaster is a botanical one.

A plague known as “coffee rust” has hit the region’s top-quality arabica crop. Central America is scrambling to contain the coffee-eating fungus that has invaded a third of the impoverished region’s crops, threatening to cost the vital industry hundreds of millions of dollars.The Costa Rica national coffee harvest amount for the 2012-2013 period will fall by at least 9.8%, primarily due to the impact of the rust fungus.

“The entire coffee region is affected, some more than others,” Marcelino Samayo, director general of El Salvador’s coffee exporters’ association.
Panama, Honduras Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica are reporting up to 30% of crops are affected in their respective countries.

Governments and producers will try to contain the invasion by pruning infected leaves, putting up effective shading systems and planting fungus-resistant seeds to replace dead coffee plants, said Nicaraguan Agriculture Minister Ariel Bucardo.

Ron Buchanan has written a short and sweet blog post at the Financial Times that explains the situation.

Flight School

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For our first public event of 2013 we are switching it up a little. Rather than our traditional pour-over home brewing demo, we’re going to focus on a coffee tasting event. There is so much good coffee happening out there we want to pay tribute to the other roasters and offer a small sampling of their unique coffee offerings. Join us as we sample a flight of coffees from across North America including Klatch, Verve, Counter Culture, Olympia, Handsome, Bow Truss and Cherry Hill Coffee. We hope you can make it out and have the opportunity to try some coffee you may not experience otherwise.

$5 | February 1, 2013 | Register at brewschool@cherryhillcoffee.com
Location: 3pm in the lab at Cherry Hill Coffee
1-1404 Hunter Court, Kelowna BC

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