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Swiss Water Decaf Coffee


As much as we like to knock Decaf coffee – and we, do trust us (Death Before Decaf, Decaf’s Like Kissing Your Sister, Decaf’s Like Sex without the Sex, etc) – Decaf coffee has come a long way. We were reminded about this last year when Cherry Hill Coffee’s David Biglow and James Calder traveled to Burnaby, British Columbia to have a first hand look at how coffee is decaffeinated on a tour of the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee Company facility, where all of our delicious decaf coffee comes from for our Sansa Decaf Blend, Decaf Espresso and Caffeine Wise™ Coffee.

Decaffeinated coffee today isn’t your dad’s decaf. Unfortunately though, some of us are still drinking in the dark ages. You see, most decaffeination processes employ chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean.

At Swiss Water, water is sourced from the Coast Mountains to gently remove the caffeine until the coffee beans are 99.9% caffeine-free, while maintaining the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics. It’s not rocket science, but almost. For the science buffs and six sigma black belts out there you can learn more about the process here. If you’re drinking Decaf from Cherry Hill Coffee you can be sure that no chemicals were used to remove the caffeine from the coffee.

The folks over at Swiss Water have done a great job debunking some misconceptions about Decaf coffee. We thought we’d let the experts at Swiss Water shed some light on those lingering myths for you.

Myth 1. Decaf contains harsh or harmful chemicals: While it’s true that many decaffeination processes employ chemical solvents such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate to strip caffeine molecules from the green coffee bean, Coffee decaffeinated with SWISS WATER® Process does not. Swiss Water uses water from the Coast mountains of British Columbia to remove the caffeine. Again, not all coffee without caffeine is created equal, so learn to ask the right questions to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Myth 2. Decaf tastes funny: Some chemical methods to remove caffeine from coffee (see myth 1) may subtly alter the coffee’s taste. (Ethyl acetate, for example, can leave an apple note.) But that is not an issue when you drink quality coffee that has had its caffeine removed in a non-chemical way, such as with Swiss Water Process decaf coffee. When it’s done like this, the bean’s distinctive origin and flavor characteristics are not altered, and all you taste is great coffee. Ask around at your favourite coffee shops about the type of beans they use, and the type of decaf process. It can make a huge difference.

Myth 3. Coffee’s health benefits come from caffeine: Actually, most of the health benefits derived from coffee come from the antioxidants effect of the polyphenols contained within the coffee, regardless of whether there is caffeine in it or not. In fact, some of the health benefits are even stronger when the caffeine has been removed.

Myth 4. Even decaf contains a significant amount of caffeine: Coffee decaffeinated with SWISS WATER® Process is actually 99.9 percent caffeine free – that is certainly not enough residual caffeine to keep you up at night.

So go ahead, armed with all this information, and try some decaf. We think the coffee lover in you will be pleasantly surprised.

Limited Offering’s Here

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Cherry Hill Coffee has been working tirelessly over the last six months developing a new line-up of exceptional seasonal coffees. We’ve redoubled our efforts in sourcing the best quality coffees from around the world and taken our hand-crafted artisan approach to quality one step further to bring you our Limited Offering

Celebrating the freshest coffees available right now, Cherry Hill Coffee’s Limited Offering is perfect for coffee lovers looking for a little excitement in their cup. These lighter style roasts bring out bright, fruity notes that will light up your palette.

There are three coffees to choose from along with a seasonal espresso. Our first coffee comes to us from Latin America. It’s a micro lot produced by a Honduran female farmer named Luz Zelaya. She belongs to COMUCAP, a small all-woman co-operative near La Paz, Honduras.

This is the first year that the co-op has separated their harvest into micro lots, and this coffee blew away the other offerings on the table from Honduras when we were cupped them.

Fully washed Bourbon, Typica and Catuai varietals produce a wonderfully bright taste profile with a crisp green apple sweetness and a brown sugar aroma followed with a very clean finish.

Next up is a classic South American coffee. Fazenda Colina is one of the only wholly certified organic farms in the the Cerrado region of Brazil. They have been certified since 2007. The farm is about 76 hectares in total with about 50 hectares of coffee trees. Along with organic certification, the farm has also been certified Biodynamic, which is a testament to their dedication to care for the nutrition of the soils, the coffee trees, and the environment.

Rounding out our Limited Offering selection is a beautiful naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia. Banko Dhadhato serves up a mind-blowing juicy strawberry flavour profile, complemented by an Earl Grey tea-like finish.

Banko Dhadhato is a relatively new cooperative of 281 members formerly part of the larger Worka Cooperative — which we couldn’t get enough of last year.

Banko is a “natural” processed coffee meaning it is sun-dried with the cherry fruit still on the bean. This processing method is what enhances those big fruity flavours.

Lastly, our Sâison Seasonal Espresso combines all 3 distinct offerings – Luz Zelaya (Honduras), Banko Dhadhato (Ethiopia) and Fazenda Colina (Brasil) – in one blend to produce a dynamic, sweet, and complex shot.

Like Kelowna in autumn, this espresso is crisp and refreshing with a slice of brightness. Highlighting the best qualities of each Limited Offering component, our Sâison produces a rich espresso that is balanced and delicious on its own, and great with milk.

We hope you enjoy trying these new and distinctive coffees and look forward to bring you new delicious coffee in the months to come.

Film. Food. Wine.

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okanagan food wine festival

Cherry Hill Coffee is proud to be sponsoring Canada’s first Food and Wine Film Festival here in Kelowna BC. Living in the Okanagan it’s only natural that we’re huge wine fans and this festival celebrates our award winning wines and will also bring great documentaries to the valley.

The inaugural Okanagan Food & Wine Film Festival will be held September 13-15th at the Rotary Centre for the Arts with the Mary Irwin Theatre acting as home base. Unlike a typical film festival, the films will all have something in common – they will be about food and/or wine and ticket holders will also eat and drink what they see on the screen!

Opening night of the festival is looking amazing featuring the highly regarded sommelier documentary Somm. We’re stoked for this film because not just because wine tasting and coffee cupping use similar methods to iden­tify taste char­ac­ter­is­tics but because it’s getting a lot of buzz, with a 77% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The evening includes pre-screening bubbles from Sumac Ridge Estate Winery and Haywire Winery, post screening Q & A with Somm star Ian Cauble, then reception with delicious local food, wine and live music from Windmills.

Sound like fun? Grab your passes here before they’re gone.

Preferred Offering Available Now

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We’re excited to show off our brand spanking new 12 oz coffee bag! We’ve streamlined our line-up too with a Preferred Offering. Geared toward lovers of drip coffee, our Preferred Offering of freshly roasted coffees are like your favourite hoody; warm, comforting and familiar. If you’re a creature of habit looking for a tried and true brew, you’ll find it here. Our Preferred Offering is stocked with favourites like Okanagan Gold and Jivaro Dusk. Our Preferred Offering also features some newcomers like sweet and balanced Lush and sparkling clean Fino.

A new Limited Offering line-up will be available in September focusing on unique single-origin’s with distinctive characteristics and an uncommon flavour profile. Stay tuned for more on that in the coming weeks.

We’ve hummed and hawed about going to a smaller package for a while now, and for many different reasons, we’ve decided to go from 16 oz (454g)) to 12 oz (340g) bags of coffee. As a coffee roaster, we’re all about freshness. The less coffee you have sitting in an opened bag at home, the more you can enjoy it at it’s freshest. Once opened, coffee begins to stale pretty fast, and the worst thing (next to running out of coffee) is stale beans.

Our new 12 oz bags will be less of a hit on your wallet too, which is always a good thing. Because of the lower price point on a bag of coffee, we’ve also reduced the free shipping amount. You’ll notice that free shipping is now available for all orders of $50 or more.

Lastly this new size lets everyone try more of our coffee with less risk. Instead of being a stuck with a pound of a coffee that maybe you’re not so crazy about, you’ll now have a chance to purchase a smaller 12oz bag that requires less commitment to try it out.

Everything else is staying the same; we’re still hand-roasting certified organic coffee in small batches every day at our Kelowna roastery in the hot hot hot Okanagan Valley.

Overall, we feel that moving to 12oz bags will be an awesome experience for everyone – keeping your daily vice affordable and fresh, and giving you something shiny and new to look at while you’re waking up in the morning. Enjoy!

Ice Ice Baby

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All right stop, collaborate, and listen; Brew School’s back with a new edition! We’re getting iced out in the lab. Mark your calendars for Friday August 23rd at 3pm in the Cherry Hill Coffee lab (1-1404 Hunter Court). Check out Hario’s Fretta v60 ice coffee maker, incorporating the same filter system as the venerable hot pour-over. This ice coffee method is tasty, quick and refreshing. Join us as we dive into some different coffee’s and compare the results. Space is limited, so visit to reserve your spot. Word to your mother.

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