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Cherry Hill Coffee has been working tirelessly over the last six months developing a new line-up of exceptional seasonal coffees. We’ve redoubled our efforts in sourcing the best quality coffees from around the world and taken our hand-crafted artisan approach to quality one step further to bring you our Limited Offering

Celebrating the freshest coffees available right now, Cherry Hill Coffee’s Limited Offering is perfect for coffee lovers looking for a little excitement in their cup. These lighter style roasts bring out bright, fruity notes that will light up your palette.

There are three coffees to choose from along with a seasonal espresso. Our first coffee comes to us from Latin America. It’s a micro lot produced by a Honduran female farmer named Luz Zelaya. She belongs to COMUCAP, a small all-woman co-operative near La Paz, Honduras.

This is the first year that the co-op has separated their harvest into micro lots, and this coffee blew away the other offerings on the table from Honduras when we were cupped them.

Fully washed Bourbon, Typica and Catuai varietals produce a wonderfully bright taste profile with a crisp green apple sweetness and a brown sugar aroma followed with a very clean finish.

Next up is a classic South American coffee. Fazenda Colina is one of the only wholly certified organic farms in the the Cerrado region of Brazil. They have been certified since 2007. The farm is about 76 hectares in total with about 50 hectares of coffee trees. Along with organic certification, the farm has also been certified Biodynamic, which is a testament to their dedication to care for the nutrition of the soils, the coffee trees, and the environment.

Rounding out our Limited Offering selection is a beautiful naturally processed coffee from Ethiopia. Banko Dhadhato serves up a mind-blowing juicy strawberry flavour profile, complemented by an Earl Grey tea-like finish.

Banko Dhadhato is a relatively new cooperative of 281 members formerly part of the larger Worka Cooperative — which we couldn’t get enough of last year.

Banko is a “natural” processed coffee meaning it is sun-dried with the cherry fruit still on the bean. This processing method is what enhances those big fruity flavours.

Lastly, our Sâison Seasonal Espresso combines all 3 distinct offerings – Luz Zelaya (Honduras), Banko Dhadhato (Ethiopia) and Fazenda Colina (Brasil) – in one blend to produce a dynamic, sweet, and complex shot.

Like Kelowna in autumn, this espresso is crisp and refreshing with a slice of brightness. Highlighting the best qualities of each Limited Offering component, our Sâison produces a rich espresso that is balanced and delicious on its own, and great with milk.

We hope you enjoy trying these new and distinctive coffees and look forward to bring you new delicious coffee in the months to come.

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October 8, 2013

I would love to try these

October 21, 2013

Looks cool !!
Shipping to australia yet ?!


    October 21, 2013

    Not yet mate!

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