New Coffee Arrival: Finca Santa Adelaida El Salvador

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The Santa Adelaida cooperative, high on the Bálsamo mountain range, 30 kilometres south of San Salvador, collectively owns about 860 hectares of land, and grows coffee on 650 of them. The cooperative was formerly a single estate however the land is now home to 250 families who live and work together growing this great coffee. Santa Adelaida’s location, 1,200 metres above sea level, provides an ideal climate for growing specialty coffee with excellent flavour characteristics.

Santa Adelaida has been focused on sustainability practices for over 30 years. So when a local NGO suggested in 1992 that the cooperative begin farming organically, it was a symbiotic strategy that developed naturally from their roots. That year, its members began the transition to organic farming practices starting out on a small plot and eventually dedicated their whole operation to organic practices. The cofee is not only certified organic but is also Rainforest certtified, their Bourbon and El Salvador-native Pacas varietal coffees grown under dense shade trees, prolonging the ripening of the coffee cherries which instills fantastic sweetness and acidity in the beans. 

Now Santa Adelaida is beginning to apply the same spirit of innovation to coffee quality. The organization has a lot of farmland devoted to coffee – more than 1,600 acres. To make it easier to manage, the association has divided it into 26 separate lots. After the 2010/11 harvest, Santa Adelaida generated georeferenced samples from each one of those lots for the first time – part of its effort to develop microlots based on the different cup profiles that emerge from this exercise.

As with its certifications, Santa Adelaida is undertaking these innovations in coffee quality with the hope that they will lead to a higher quality of life, not just for its members and their families, but also for the more than 1,000 people in the community who depend on Santa Adelaida for work during the peak of the coffee harvest.

Our offering of Santa Adelaida contains 90% Bourbon and 10% Pacas and is washed and sun dried on cement patios. This results in a gentle acidity with a well balanced cup overall. We detected wonderful aromas of clove, thyme and rosemary with a snappy, juicy start of apricot notes followed by a sweet caramel and brown sugar flavour profile. It had a very nice, creamy mouthfeel with a pleasant finish.

Purchase Santa Adelaida El Salvador Coffee now.

(Photograph: Ulises Rodriguez/Reuters)

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