Drip into 2013 with a Hario Brewer

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If you’re obsessed with coffee like we are and on a quest for the perfect cup of coffee, look no further. We at Cherry Hill Coffee are huge fans of the Hario v60 pour-over coffee brewer.

As Kevin Sinott notes at Coffee Review: “The Hario V60 is definitely what the doctor ordered for the new slow coffee movement, that is brewed coffee done by hand, one cup at a time.”  While there are plenty of similar pour-over brewers like the Clever and Kalita, we prefer the classic original.

Oliver Strand, the curator of the Times Topics coffee page has written the best description of pour-over coffee I’ve come across, specifically in regards to the Hario v60: “As coffee-brewing techniques go, pour over is slow and mannered. It’s low tech. It has a funny name. And yet, pour over is an ongoing obsession within the coffee world. It could be because the coffee it makes is so clean, so round and fruity, that you can fully taste all those complex layers of flavor that are supposed to be lurking in the best single-origin and micro-lot beans.”

The key to the Hario method, and what makes it a slightly more challenging and methodical process, is the water delivery. Having a gooseneck spout kettle like the Fino kettle we carry allows for precision pouring. Strand continues: ” When you control the flow of the water, you control the extraction.” In addition to pouring technique we also have to factor in the dripper’s unique cone design. “The inside of the V60 cone is a vortex of deep ridges that end in a nickel-size opening. The pour-over coffee that comes out of a V60 is, according to coffee geeks, far superior to anything else out there.”

Join the pour-over revolution and pick up a Hario v60 Dripper and Server. And don’t forget your filters!

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