Fridges are for beer not coffee

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Picture a hot summer day, and the beer you just grabbed from the fridge is ice cold. Little beads of water trickle down as condensation forms on the bottle.

This is what happens when you put your coffee and espresso beans in the fridge and then take them out. When you remove the beans from the fridge the cold beans draw water vapour from the warm air, becoming damp. This moisture compromises flavor and aroma. Plus your fridge also hosts a variety of odours (left-over pizza, that half-empty Cholula hot sauce and diced onions) that your freshly roasted beans will absorb. And the more you take your coffee in and out of the fridge the more stale and smelly they will get. And think that ruins your coffee? Your freezer is twice as bad. Don’t even think about it!

Now that we think about it, coffee beans are a lot like gremlins – they don’t like  to get wet, keep them out of light and and, most importantly: never, ever feed them after midnight. Well almost like gremlins. Keep your beans safe by storing them in an airtight container, in a cool dark cupboard, and taking them out just before brewing

Let’s take it from the top; first, coffee and fridges don’t mix – keep your fridge for beer. Two, grind them when you need them. Three; don’t feed them after midnight. Remember these rules things and you’ll have great coffee all the time.

PS – If you have a chance to try Russel Brewery’s Hop Therapy Double IPA, do it! It’s full of hoppy goodness and brewed right here in BC.

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