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There are now a number of coffee apps available for iPhone focused on brewing. Specifically brew recipes for various brew methods and corresponding brew times.
We’re often asked which apps to recommend so we thought we’d make a list based on whats on our phones here at Cherry Hill Coffee

Let’s start with Bloom – a simple iPhone app that lets coffee geeks store timers and parameters for different brew methods. Bloom comes pre-loaded with a long list of recipes for everything from Chemex and Hario pour-overs to Aeropress and Siphon brew methods. The best thing about Bloom is it’s fully customizable and you can create your own recipes. The timer function is also well thought out, letting you know when to pour and when the bloom should be finished. You can also toggle between remaining time or elapsed time. Our favourite Bloom feature is the ease of tweaking recipes when dialing in coffees, it’s a snap to edit the parameters or save recipes. And the best part is you can share your favourites with friends over Twitter, text message or email. This app will set you back $2.99 — which is less than the cost of a cappuccino.

Brew Control is like it’s name implies also a coffee brewing app similar to Bloom. Brew Control has pre-defined recipes and parameters for AeroPress, Drip, Chemex, Espresso, Pour-Over, French Press, and Siphon. You can select imperial or metric measurements. The coolest thing about Brew Control is the analogue look of the dials in the interface. It makes it simple to adjust parameters on the fly for different coffees. However – and this our biggest pet peeve with this app – you can’t add new brew methods to the list (But you can customize each recipe to your own settings). Brew Control is $1.99 in the iTunes store.

The smart guys over at Intelligentsia, created their own (free) Intelligentsia Coffee application which allows users to check out all their current coffee offerings and is accompanied with instructions and parameters for each coffee. And if you’re in the US, you can also take advantage of directions to all their locations. Nicely designed app, but not too useful if you’re into other coffee or want to create your own water to coffee ratio or change up brew times.

Last but not least is one of the OGs when it comes to brewing apps is Coffee Timer. This original sounding app is a solid reference for setting the appropriate ratios of coffee grinds to water and for timing your brew. While there are many customizable features for setting your brew parameters, it can take a bit of time to switch between screens, save recipes and start brewing. There’s almost too much customization for the home user, although we love it here in the lab. Coffee Timer is also $1.99.

Lots of options out there for coffee geeks of every level. With all the functionality and customization available, there’s bound to be one that works for you.
Now get over to the iTunes store and check these out for yourself. And if we missed any, let us know!

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