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Press it!

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The Aeropress® is a relatively new method of brewing in the ancient art of coffee brewing. In fact brew methods have scarcely evolved since the 1683 Battle of Vienna after Franciszek Jerzy Kulczycki – having pilfered some coffee from the retreating Ottomans – filtered Turkish coffee and invented a primitive french press. (He went on to open Vienna’s first coffeehouse and is widely credited with creating the cappccino.)

Aeropress is a manual, pressure-brewed coffee technique that uses a paper filter to allow natural oils but prevents sediment in your coffee. It’s a lot like a syringe, where you place coffee grinds in the main vessel, add water, then plunge the coffee into your cup. It’s a wonderfully simple and effective way to make quick, hand-powered espresso-ish coffee. There are many “green” advantages to the Aeropress – it uses no power, it’s single serve so there’s no wastage and if you want to go the extra mile and pick up a re-useable Disk filter, there’s no disposable paper filters heading to landfills. The other great benefit is the hassle-free clean-up. The only byproduct from your morning brew is a solid puck of coffee that you can save as compost in your garden.

There are multiple ways to use the Aeropress and achieve different extraction techniques. Depending on your grind, dosage and amount of water you are able to acquire everything from a rich, ristretto style shot to a bright, clean americano. Here at Cherry Hill Coffee we prefer the inverted method with 16 g of coffee (cone filter drip grind) to 160 ml of water yielding a heavier body and more pronounced flavour characteristics.

* Always ensure the cap is screwed on tightly to avoid a mess like the above photo!


Happy Holidays

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Our holiday coffee’s are now available online. Jack Frost, Gingerbread and Christmas Blend will be joining our coffee line-up for the holidays:

Christmas Blend
This North Pole fave goes over huge with the herd. Sweet and spicy with a tremendous body and long finish, Christmas Blend is great for sharing with family and loved ones.

“Run, run, run as fast you can…before this holiday classic is gone!” Hansel and Gretel would be all over this spicy blend of fresh, oven-baked gingerbread, with just a hint of brown sugar. A perfect complement to a snowy winter day.

Jack Frost (Chocolate Mint)
Even Old Man Winter needs a hot cup of coffee. And when he reaches for his French press, this is what Jack is brewing. Toast the holidays with a festive blend of icy cool mint and silky smooth chocolate.

Our exclusive holiday blends are here for a short time only, so enjoy them while they last. Freshly roasted and 100% organic.

Brew School

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Revenge of the (Coffee) Nerds
Maybe a little too much. Well, start your Christmas fun early and sign up for Brew School Thursday, December 22 @ 3 PM. Perfect for nerds and neophytes alike. Learn some tips and tricks for home brewing on the chemex, hario, aeropress and siphon. Come geek out on coffee with us. Class is free, but be sure to sign up in advance as classes do fill up. Email to RSVP.

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