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Syphon Science

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011No Comments


The coffee syphon is one of the newest old-school-coffee trends. Of all the coffee brewing methods to be popularized recently, the most unusual and the most special to look at, is the syphon. Made famous in Japan, it adds an element of magic to a coffee shop experience. Seated at a bar while your wait for your coffee, you watch in amazement as the water quickly heats up and bubbles up from the lower glass chamber to the upper chamber and then down again with coffee in tow (see this video). Because of the filter system it employs, the coffee is light and smooth but fully extracted in what they call “full immersion”. And because the extraction and filter is significantly different to other manual brew methods, it has less body and seems very clean compared to a French press. So if you’re entertaining and want a party trick after dinner and at the same time an awesome tasting coffee, there is nothing like the syphon.

Curling Rocks! (Literally)

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011One Comment


An island off the coast of Scotland has the prestigious honour of being the single source of every blue hone granite curling stone in the entire world. The team at Cherry Hill have decided to give those rocks a chance to fulfill their dreams of being heaved and swept down a sheet of ice. Last week was our second match in a Wednesday night friendly league that just started at the Kelowna Curling Club. None of the CHC team had curled before, least of which me, who being from Australia hadn’t even seen snow until I was 17 years old. But we are quick learners and have won our first two games now, with great team performances and plenty of laughs. So if you haven’t curled before, get a broom and head down to a curling rink this winter & give it a go. It’s heaps of fun, mate!

Caffeine Wise™

Monday, October 3rd, 2011No Comments


Caffeine Wise: An exciting offering of Low Caffeine Coffee blends exclusively from Cherry Hill Coffee

Cherry Hill Coffee has been hard at work developing a new line up of reduced caffeine coffee blends. We are proud to present Caffeine Wise™ coffee and espresso blends with 33-50% less caffeine than our traditional blends. This product has been aimed at customers looking for an afternoon pick-me-up without the added kick, or late night drinkers after less of a buzz. Choose from one of four exclusive blends:

This gentle weekend waker-upper goes great with newspapers (they still print those right?) and brunch. Now who wants seconds? Featuring Certified Organic and Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee. (33% Less Caffeine than Okanagan Gold.)

This harmonious blend of coffee from around the world will have you humming Kumbaya in no time. And with half the caffeine, it just may well be a lullaby. Featuring Certified Organic and Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee. (50% Less Caffeine than our Ignition blend.)

This dark roast displays a spicy full bodied character without sacrificing flavour. Featuring Certified Organic and Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee. (40% Less Caffeine than French Roast.)

An easy going espresso blend great with milk or straight up. Decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method which eliminates the use of chemicals, while keeping all the flavour in. Featuring Certified Organic and Swiss Water Process Decaf coffee. (40% Less Caffeine than Espresso Milano.)

Available at our Kelowna roastery now and coming to your local organic market and neighbourhood cafe soon.

Taste the “Spirit” of the Okanagan

Monday, October 3rd, 2011One Comment


So it turns out coffee roasters aren’t the only ones fanatical about quality and craftsmanship and always looking to try something new. We have a lot in common with our friends in the other beverage industry, other than we’re morning people and they’re night owls. When an opportunity came about to develop an espresso-infused vodka with a local distiller we jumped at the chance. Urban Distilleries‘ passion for their products and livelihood is rivalled only by our own and we knew our product was in good hands. The result was the smoothest, most natural infused vodka’s we’ve ever enjoyed. We’re proud to share it with our customers and the rest of Canada as it hits store shelves in the coming weeks and months.

From a region known for its world-class wines – The Okanagan Valley – this is a hand-crafted, triple distilled, ultra-premium vodka made in an Artesian copper still from carefully selected, locally grown wheat and meticulously filtered spring water. Throw in the Okanagan’s finest, fresh roasted espresso and you’ve got yourself the best one two combo around.

Spirit Bear Espresso Naturally Infused Vodka combines ultra premium vodka with a blend of Cherry Hill Coffee’s espresso yielding a rich coffee aroma with gentle chocolate notes, a hint of vanilla and a smooth finish.

Look for it in Kelowna at: Metro Liquor (103-1180 Sunset Drive), BC Signature Liquor Stores across the province, OK Corral (1978 Kirschner Road), Tonics (1654 Ellis Street) to name a few and served by your favourite liquid chefs across Western Canada.

Photo: Kelowna Photographer – Darren Hull

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