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Bike To Work Week | Penticton

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011No Comments


Penticton has seen a massive turnout so far this year for it’s annual Bike To Work Week campaign. This is our third consecutive year providing commuters some fresh brewed coffee in the morning and the busiest yet. Be sure to fuel up on Cherry Hill Coffee 7-9am at Freedom on Thursday and downtown at Nanaimo Square Friday for the big wrap up party and bike draw!

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

Low Inventory + Increased Demand = Higher Prices

Monday, May 30th, 2011No Comments

Shawn McCarthy (From Saturday’s Globe and Mail)

On a mountaintop estate in the rugged coffee-making region of Quindio, Colombia, Juan Pablo Villota is at war with the weather.

For three years, abnormally wet conditions have caused massive flooding in the county’s flatlands and damage to his crops. Even the road to his 40-hectare plantation gives testament to his fight: The swollen La Vieja river is a muddy torrent that has forced lane closings along the twisting two-lane highway.

For coffee producers like Mr. Villota, those three years have been a constant battle. Without enough sun, coffee plants don’t grow the berries that are harvested for their beans. And too much humidity creates ideal conditions for coffee rust, a disease that stunts berry production. Some farmers have seen a 70-per-cent drop in yield, although his San Alberto estate has limited the damage to a 20-per-cent decline.

“It has been a disaster,” said Mr. Villota, whose grandfather bought the picturesque estate in 1972. “Three years of heavy rains with very low quantity of sun hours has decreased Colombian production … All the growers have been suffering.”

The painful struggle of Colombia’s coffee producers is part of a growing global challenge for the industry.

Changing weather patterns have wreaked havoc on coffee supply, particularly the Arabica strain, which is grown in the Americas and Africa and which makes the best coffee. Brazil and Colombia are the top two producers of Arabica, but experts say the crops are not keeping up with skyrocketing demand in emerging markets like China, India and South America, as well as among consumers in Europe and North America.

Read the rest of the story here

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting organic coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

Back By Popular Demand

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011No Comments


Get ready for round 2. We’re back with a repeat of our first Brew School for those of you who couldn’t get in. We’ll be focusing on manual brew methods, and sample some wonderful, organic coffees at our Kelowna roastery. We’ll cover pour-over brewing including Hario, Chemex and we’ll fire up theSiphontoo. For more info and to register for this free class, please contact (Class is limited to 12 people).

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting organic coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

Brew School Photos are up!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011No Comments

Check out our Facebook page to see some shots from our inaugural public cupping event last Friday. We had an amazing turnout for our first brew school – thanks again to everyone that made it. We’ll definitely be doing another class soon! Shout out to Keith Routley for snapping the pics.

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting organic coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

Nicaragua Segovia

Thursday, May 5th, 2011No Comments


We are excited to release our newest single origin from Sabor de Segovia in Nicaragua. This certified organic coffee comes to us from PRODECOOP (Promotora de Desarollo Co-operativo de la Segovias) – a co-operative in the Nueva Segovia region of northern Nicaragua. PRODECOOP includes more than 40 small farms with over 2,300 members. This co-operative was created in 1993 to protect the rights of farmer families in the region.

This sustainably farmed coffee uses native trees for shade and is environmentally-friendly by implementing organic farming methods. From farm to market, PRODECOOP supports many social and quality control programs, including:
* A scholarship program that has provided dozens of scholarships to members’ children so that they can attend primary and secondary school. PRODECOOP has also been able to provide books and backpacks for over 2,000 students.
* An organic production program aimed at improving the quality of coffee through environmentally-friendly production techniques.
* Women’s participation. Membership includes 504 women with several women in senior management, including the CEO.
* The purchase of a dry mill, establishment of 13 maintenance facilities for depulping machines, and three storage facilities for its coffee.
* A revolving fund for building and improving members’ houses.

PRODECOOP also has a quality control center and cupping lab to provide and maintain high quality coffees. The co-operative remains committed to producing coffee of the highest quality. Members have participated in the Nicaraguan coffee cupping competition, “The Cup of Excellence,” in which the cooperative was awarded first place and three of the top ten quality awards.

Buy this coffee now

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting organic coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

Treat Mom Special This Sunday

Thursday, May 5th, 2011No Comments


This Sunday, treat Mom to something special. Maybe surprise her with breakfast in bed. And don’t skimp on the coffee. Get her something she loves…like Cherry Hill Coffee. And while you’re at it buy her some flowers too, she’ll like that. If you need any more gift ideas or want us to help pick out a card, just ask us. We’re here all week.

Kelowna British Columbia’s Cherry Hill Coffee has been roasting organic coffee in the Okanagan for 25 years

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