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Off the beaten path in Panama

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Cherry Hill’s co-owner Jeff ‘Deuce’ Biglow took some time out of his holiday in Panama to meet with coffee producers and visit some farms in Boquete in the western part of the country. It was a perfect opportunity to get hands-on experience with coffee processing before it reaches Cherry Hill Coffee for roasting. It was also a chance to have frank and honest discussions with growers about Fair Trade and Organic practices and coffee prices paid to the farmers.

“It was an eye opening experience to see cherries de-pulped and the entire fermentation and drying process up close,” Jeff explained. “There’s a lot of work involved before we get the beans.”

The highlight of his visit to Boquete though was cupping some of Panama’s famous Geisha varietal at Cafe Ruiz while he talked off the ears of the owner (surprise, surprise).

“I must have chatted with Maria (at Cafe Ruiz) for three hours – she has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for coffee.”

Cafe Ruiz was the largest farm Jeff visited with an annual production of over 6,000,000 lbs. Finca La Milagrosa on the other hand produced only 20,000 lbs a year. The differences were apparent with owner Tito Vargas’ homemade equipment attracting a lot of attention from Jeff.

“Tito had built his own sample roaster, hand-made all his processing equipment and even had a car transmission running his jerry-rigged coffee grinder, unbelievable!”

In the end though the hospitality of his host was what really stood out. “At one point during the tour at Finca La Milagrosa, Tito let me take over – because of his poor English or my constant interruptions, I don’t know – but he was super-friendly and gracious. We had a blast there.”

And then it was time to pack up and hit the beach town of Santa Catalina for some surfing, some people have the life! Can’t wait to hear about your next trip Jeff!

Introducing Cherry Hill’s Signature Reserve Series

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We are pleased to announce that after many months of research and development, Cherry Hill Coffee now offers customers a selection of limited espressos. Our Reserve series showcases our very best blends and reflects our passion and commitment to specialty coffee.

This poised, balanced espresso produces a rich aroma and a quiet elegance in the cup. Dark and spicy characteristics give way to an indulgent, chocolatey sweetness. A versatile blend recommended for all brewing methods and perfect on its own or in milk-based beverages.

Smooth and graceful with a soft acidity. This espresso masters milk with a gentle, brandied chocolate authority. Lingering notes of caramel and dark ganache endure beautifully in a lush finish. An exceptional choice for cappuccinos, lattes and other milk-based espresso drinks. This darker roast espresso is best for traditional espresso machines.

A sophisticated blend with notes of roasted hazelnut and fresh baked biscotti. Black label is a traditional Italian espresso that takes on a crisp dark chocolate character and carries into a delicate finish. This lighter roast espresso is remarkable in semi-automatic and automatic machines.

Our commitment to sustainability is stronger than ever as we source out only 100% certified organic coffee and work closely with our brokers to ensure fairness and socially responsible practices at the farm level. Make a difference with your next cup!

It’s a Boy!

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By Steve MacNaull

David and Vonne Biglow keep staring at their new addition.

“We don‘t ever want to put him down or stop looking at him,” said David of Kelowna‘s New Year‘s Baby, Angus Orion Biglow, born 5:16 p.m. on Friday.
“It‘s a great feeling. Having the New Year‘s Baby is special, but, for us, really it‘s the miracle of life and having a son.”

Vonne‘s original due date was Jan. 5, so having the city‘s New Year‘s Baby didn‘t occur to them at first.

But then, at Vonne‘s regular checkup around Christmas, the couple found the baby looked like it was ready to come early.

“Right then, I knew it,” David said. “I knew we would have the New Year‘s Baby. The whole scenario just had that vibe about it.”

Angus weighed six pounds, seven ounces and is the couple‘s first child.

“We were married Jan. 10, 2008, in Mexico, so Angus can now be our third amigo when we celebrate our second anniversary,” David said.

“I also have a new respect for women. Childbirth is intense and amazing.”

So far, Angus is a quiet baby who is easy to soothe when he fusses.

David, 39, and Vonne, 36, own and operate coffee roaster and wholesaler Cherry Hill Coffee in Kelowna.

(Courtesy of Daily Courier, read the rest of the article here.)

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