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New Canada Organic logo released

Thursday, June 25th, 2009No Comments

The federal government has released the final version of the “Biologique Canada Organic” logo for use starting next week on certified organic food sold in Canada.

“This organic logo allows consumers to make informed, confident choices,” Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz said in a release Wednesday. “At the same time, the new regulations will allow Canadian organic farmers to have their products recognized in this emerging market.”

Domestic and imported products that meet the production requirements of the government’s new Organic Products Regulations (OPR) and contain at least 95 per cent organic content may be labeled as “organic” and feature the Biologique Canada Organic logo.

The OPR, which come into force on Tuesday, June 30, lay out the standards for the certification of products as organic by accredited certification bodies. Regardless of origin, all products seeking organic certification must meet Canada’s standards, the government said Wednesday.

To that end, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture recently inked an “equivalency” agreement to allow Canadian and U.S. products to be certified as organic in either country.

Products that meet Canada's organic production requirements and are at least 95 per cent organic content may now use this logo.

Campfire Espresso 101

Monday, June 22nd, 2009No Comments

Surrounded by mountains, rivers and lakes just begging to be explored, we here at Cherry Hill Coffee try to take advantage of the natural surroundings every chance we can. And when we do venture into the great outdoors you know we’re packing beans. Just because you’re roughing it doesn’t mean you need to give up your espresso fix. The next best thing to ghost stories and s’mores is waking up and getting a fire going to put some coffee on. So as a public service to our customers and friends, we’ve compiled a list of some espresso -makers made just for camping. We’d love to hear your back-country coffee tips or find out what you use to brew away from home. Send us your story and we’ll hook you up with a free pound. Happy Trails!

GSI Mini
When your backpack is pressed for space and you’re watching your wallet, the four-cup GSI Mini is an easy choice. And for the coffee purists out there, bust out the hand-crank grinder accessory for the freshest shot!

Handpresso Wild
This space age bike pump can crank out the high pressure that you need to get some decent extraction. It uses pods which are easy to pack in and out, but you’re sacrificing big time on freshness. Still, the Handpresso gets marks for innovation and portability.

Bialetti Moka Express
Ok, technically, it’s closer to turkish coffee than espresso, but The Bialetti is Italian-made and easy on the eyes. It works like a mini- percolator and is available in heaps of sizes but the three cupper should do the job.

The newest (and coolest) kid on the block is the Presso. Using mechanical leverage to provide pressure, Presso is the closest thing to a real espresso machine you can pack up and take with you in the woods.


The Mojo 360˚ – Now Better Than Ever!

Friday, June 12th, 2009No Comments



Cherry Hill Coffee has recently switched from a powdered frappe base to a new liquid base, making our signature Mojo 360˚ creamier and tastier than ever! After months of taste-testing, sugar highs and brain-freezes (yeah, our job is tough, we know!) our search was over. Portland, Oregon’s very own Pacific Foods makes a delicious smoothie base that’s super easy to use for everyone from hardcore, tattooed barista’s to stay-at-home mom’s enjoying a pick-me-up. Debuting at this past spring’s CoffeeFest in Chicago, this smoothie base produces the richest and creamiest drinks. Best of all it’s certified USDA Organic and is made with Certified to the Source ingredients—meaning that Pacific Foods tracks every natural and organic ingredient in the product to ensure that each is of the highest quality and from a guaranteed source. This is just one more example of how Cherry Hill Coffee is continually evolving and sourcing the best products for our wholesale and retail customers!

*This claim is not scientifically substantiated at all…just Jeff’s guess.

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